What is Avatar War

Said quickly, Avatar War is an experimental destructive antisocial project.

We don't have Facebook or Twitter neither Wassap, and we also belong to this planet.

Internet has the power to set us free, but the tools created or supplied by capitalists enslave us.

We recommend reading El poder de las redes (David de Ugarte)

Okay, so what this is?

In computing, an avatar is the graphical representation of the user or the user's alter ego or character.

On this website you can create a user to be represented by an avatar.

As a registered user, every day you can click on any avatar to make it smaller until it will be destroyed. If you destroy an avatar you can have one extra click for that day but you also get an enemy (the one whose avatar was destroyed is notified by e-mail who destroyed the avatar).

Every day (at 00:00 of Spain) each user gets one day click and avatars that have survived the day gets one point and increase in size (ie, it needs one click more to be destroyed).

The destroyed avatar loses all accumulated data but another avatar can be uploaded with the same log-in and it can be continued the fight for survival.

Starts the battle, be antisocial!

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